Class PageAssert

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      PageAssert hasElement​(FluentWebElement element)
      Check if current page has given FluentWebElement present.
      PageAssert hasElementDisplayed​(FluentWebElement element)
      Check if current page has given FluentWebElement displayed.
      PageAssert hasElements​(FluentList<? extends FluentWebElement> fluentList)
      Check if current page has at least one element of given FluentList present.
      PageAssert hasExpectedElements()
      Check if current page has element defined by its FindBy, FindBys or FindAll class level annotation.
      PageAssert hasExpectedUrl()
      Check if current page has url defined by its PageUrl annotation.
      PageAssert hasPageSourceContaining​(String value)
      Check if current page has page source containing given String.
      PageAssert hasTitle​(String title)
      Check if current page has given title.
      PageAssert hasUrl​(String url)
      Check if current page has given url string.
      PageAssert isAt()
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