Class AlertImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Alert, org.openqa.selenium.Alert

    public class AlertImpl
    extends Object
    implements Alert
    Manages a browser alert.

    Wraps a Selenium Alert instance but an instance of this type is created successfully only when there is an actual alert present.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AlertImpl

        public AlertImpl​(org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver driver)
        Creates a new alert object.

        Uses the underlying Alert object from the provided driver instance.

        If there is no alert present in the provided driver, it throws an NoAlertPresentException and the instantiation is interrupted.

        driver - selenium driver
      • AlertImpl

        public AlertImpl​(org.openqa.selenium.Alert alert)
        Creates a new alert object using the provided Alert instance.
        alert - selenium alert
    • Method Detail

      • getAlert

        public org.openqa.selenium.Alert getAlert()
      • prompt

        public void prompt​(String text)
        Description copied from interface: Alert
        Send input to the alert prompt.
        Specified by:
        prompt in interface Alert
        text - test to send to the prompt
      • present

        public boolean present()
        Check if this alert is present.

        The return value is hardcoded to true, since this object is instantiated successfully only when there is an alert present.

        Specified by:
        present in interface Alert
        true if alert is present, false otherwise
      • getText

        public String getText()
        Specified by:
        getText in interface org.openqa.selenium.Alert
      • accept

        public void accept()
        Specified by:
        accept in interface org.openqa.selenium.Alert
      • sendKeys

        public void sendKeys​(String keysToSend)
        Specified by:
        sendKeys in interface org.openqa.selenium.Alert
      • dismiss

        public void dismiss()
        Specified by:
        dismiss in interface org.openqa.selenium.Alert