Interface PerformanceTimingMetrics<T extends PerformanceTimingMetrics>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - an actual implementation of this interface
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultPerformanceTimingMetrics, HtmlUnitPerformanceTimingMetrics

    public interface PerformanceTimingMetrics<T extends PerformanceTimingMetrics>
    Wraps the performance timing metrics returned by the window.performance.timing Javascript attribute from the browser, and provides methods to access each value in it.

    Though the default implementation in FluentLenium returns relative values, this interface is flexible enough so that custom implementations may be created.

    • Method Detail

      • getUnloadEventStart

        long getUnloadEventStart()
      • getUnloadEventEnd

        long getUnloadEventEnd()
      • getRedirectStart

        long getRedirectStart()
      • getRedirectEnd

        long getRedirectEnd()
      • getNavigationStart

        long getNavigationStart()
      • getFetchStart

        long getFetchStart()
      • getDomainLookupStart

        long getDomainLookupStart()
      • getDomainLookupEnd

        long getDomainLookupEnd()
      • getConnectStart

        long getConnectStart()
      • getConnectEnd

        long getConnectEnd()
      • getSecureConnectionStart

        Object getSecureConnectionStart()
        According to the official documentation of the secureConnectionStart attribute this attribute is optional and may be set as undefined.

        It is up to the user of this method to check whether it is present and convert it accordingly.

        the metrics value
      • getRequestStart

        long getRequestStart()
      • getResponseStart

        long getResponseStart()
      • getResponseEnd

        long getResponseEnd()
      • getDomLoading

        long getDomLoading()
      • getDomInteractive

        long getDomInteractive()
      • getDomContentLoadedEventStart

        long getDomContentLoadedEventStart()
      • getDomContentLoadedEventEnd

        long getDomContentLoadedEventEnd()
      • getDomComplete

        long getDomComplete()
      • getLoadEventStart

        long getLoadEventStart()
      • getLoadEventEnd

        long getLoadEventEnd()
      • in

        T in​(TimeUnit targetTimeUnit)
        Creates a new metrics object instance that returns the metrics values in the given TimeUnit.

        When implementing this method take into account that there may be metric values that don't always return a long value but may be undefined, or something else, like the secureConnectionStart attribute.

        targetTimeUnit - the time unit to return the metrics in
        the metrics in the given time unit